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May individual Scouts and uniformed leaders register to attend Benjamin Tallmadge camporees if the troop has chosen not to include the event on the troop's annual calendar?

Yes, any Boy Scout or Leader can attend a camporee. But, for example if just one or two scouts wanted to attend without one of their own leaders, we would have to put them up with another troop. For adults attending with a small groups of scouts, we would have to follow the BSA Youth Protection Policy of two deep leadership and one of those must be a registered leader who is 21 or older, or if necessary put them up with another troop to satisfy the Youth Protection Requirements. Webelos are also encouraged to visit a camporee for day activities (they cannot stay overnight). It gives them exposure to what Boy Scouts do and is an aid to the Webelos to Scout transition. We will do our best to host any scout or scouter who wants to attend any event following the Guide to Safe Scouting.

We have set up a Facebook page for our Pack, and it's useful for reminding parents of upcoming events. We were considering expanding the use to
include photos from Pack Nights or other Pack events.

My question is, do we need to obtain written permission from parents ahead of time?

On a Web site for a Scout unit (or school class or other youth group), caution is recommended in these areas:
Don't provide full names, phone numbers, e-mail or residence addresses of youth members, or place a child's name with his photograph.
Don't provide times and locations at which children will be present without adequate adult supervision.
Don't include interactive forums (any technology that allows someone to post material that others may view), including bulletin boards and chat rooms (even if they are moderated), in a Web site designed for minors.

The BSA has always been concerned with identifying youth members in photographs in open websites. In Facebook, when you "like" someone, that someone would be able to "tag" a photograph and identify that "liked" person in it. If you are the administrator of the Facebook page, you have to monitor that this does not happen. You can see how parents might get concerned.
Likewise, comments written and posted have to be monitored.
I suggest you start a "closed" group. I thought "groups" were going away but Facebook still allows you to create one. As the Administrator, you can "allow" people to join your page. You can also control who sees your pictures and who doesn't. If members leave your Pack, you can also kick them out of your group. If people misuse your page in any manner, again, kick them out of your group. In this manner, you can demonstrate to your parents that you are keeping their son's names and images as safe as possible.