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Accident or Illness Report Form -
Click HERE

Activity Consent Form for Approval by Parent or Guardian -
Click HERE

Application Forms -
     For Adults:
Click HERE
     For New Youth:
Click HERE

Baiting Hollow Scout Camp -

For DIRECTIONS to the Camp - Click HERE

Benjamin Tallmadge Uniform Exchange Program:

Catholic Committee on Scouting for Suffolk County:

District Recognition Awards -

Our District has some special awards that are available to the registered adult members. Each award has
its own criteria in recognizing an individual in your unit, or our District, who has performed exceptional service
to the youth in the Benjamin Tallmadge District. Please examine these nomination forms to see which one is
suitable for your candidate.

                Unit Leader Award of Merit (replaces the Scoutmaster Award of Merit)

              OTHER AWARDS:
                National Den Award
                National Summertime Pack Award
                Pack Trainer Award

Health Forms from the National BSA -

NEW Camp Medical Forms -
           For Short Term and Summer Camping - Click HERE
           High Adventure Forms will require their Part "D" to be completed.

Interpretation of Requirements for Scouting's "Journey to Excellence" Award
Change yearly and can be found through your "My Scouting" account from the National website.

Merit Badge Counselor Application Form:
Click HERE to download the form to become a Merit Badge Counselor of your favorite hobbies and interests.

Merit Badge Work - Basics for Scouts, Leaders & Counselor
Click HERE  for useful information about the basic procedures for handling Merit Badge work.

Military Program Support - Support Our Members
Click HERE to learn how Scouts can earn this hansome 4 inch patch to wear proudly on their uniform pocket or jacket.

New Parents Guide to Camping with a Scout Troop
Click HERE for this information that was presented at a Roundtable.

Permission Slip Guidelines
Click HERE

Pop-Up Eagle Badge Display for your Eagle Court of Honor

Contact Al Westrich and rent it for $10.00!
It's easy to put together and it will be very impressive at your event.

Religious Emblem Program -
Everything you need to know about all the Award opportunities - Click HERE

Recruitment Flier Request  & Recruiting Ideas -
Get the fliers you need from the Council Office - Click HERE
For Effective Methods for Recruiting - Click HERE

Scout Vesper Song -
Click HERE
Print it out, make copies and distribute to all your scouts.
It is the song everyone should know.

Tour Plan Form for Trips -
Click HERE  for the Tour Planning Sheet and Tour Plan.
Click HERE  for the Instruction Sheet from the Council Office on how and when to use a Tour Plan.

Unit Deposit Account Form for use at Council Office -
Click HERE

Unit Money-Earning Application -
Click HERE

Webelos to Scout Transition -

Contact Commissioner Gerri Alfano at to find out more
information to insure your scouts of a smooth transition from life in a Cub Scout Pack to a Boy Scout Troop.

Youth Protection Guidelines Training -

Take the course on the National website. Click HERE