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Webelos and Arrow of Light Questons 
Q: Why the changes to Webelos and Arrow of Light?  A: The Webelos program confused parents, leaders, and even professional staff. Webelos officially referred to all Cub Scouts in 4th and 5th grade which was different compared to the other ranks where each rank is specific to one grade. Several leaders started using the terms Webelos I and Webelos II to identfy which group was working on the Webelos badge of rank and which group was working on the Arrow of Light badge of rank. The purpose of the Webelos program was to prepare Cub Scouts to join Scouts BSA. After reviewing the program, it wasn’t clear how the current 2-year Webelos program was accomplishing this objective, aside from the required Arrow of Light Adventure – Scouting Adventure. It was also identified that it was not necessary to take 18 to 24 months to prepare a Cub Scout to join Scouts BSA. This is what led to the decision to make the Arrow of Light a stand-alone badge of rank to prepare Cub Scouts to join Scouts BSA. Q: How does the Arrow of Light badge of rank prepare Cub Scouts to join Scouts BSA?  A: Many of the requirements for the updated required Adventures for Arrow of Light are designed to prepare Cub Scouts to join Scouts BSA. In the Bobcat Adventure for Arrow of Light, Cub Scouts learn about the patrol method, they learn the Scouts BSA sign, salute, and handshake. In the outdoor required Adventure, Outdoor Adventurer, are required to go camping. In Personal Fitness Cub Scouts are introduced to tracking their progress over a period of time. Q: Will Webelos and Arrow of Light share elective Adventures?  A: No. Elective Adventures will be specific to the badge of rank. Elective Adventure pins will change from the current oval design. Electives for Webelos (4th grade) will be diamond-shaped and electives for Arrow of Light (5th grade) will be arrowhead-shaped. Q: What will happen to the Webelos colors?  A: The Webelos colors will simply be renamed the Adventure colors and used by both Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts to display their Adventure pins.    Q: What do we do with current 4th graders who are Webelos during the 2023-24 program year?  A: Current 4th grade Webelos should focus only on Webelos required Adventures and not start any work on Arrow of Light. It is suggested that they focus on the elective Adventures that will not be available to them next year as an Arrow of Light. Those elective Adventures are Aquanaut, Art Explosion, Aware and Care, Built It, Earth Rocks!, and Modular Design. Q: What uniform changes are there for Webelos and Arrow of Light?  A: Webelos will remain in a blue Cub Scout uniform including the Webelos hat, neckerchief and neckerchief slide. Arrow of Light Scouts will wear the Scouts BSA uniform with blue shoulder loops. There will not be an Arrow of Light hat, neckerchief, or neckerchief slide. Q: If I already purchased a Scouts BSA uniform for my Scout who is not yet in 5th grade do I have to revert to a blue Cub Scout uniform?  A: No. Uniform updates are intended to simply the program not to create a burden on Cub Scout families. Q: Why the change to 4th grade Webelos in blue Cub Scout uniforms?  A: The majority of 4th grade Webelos in Cub Scouting were active in Cub Scouting as a 3rd grader and already have a blue uniform. This allows Cub Scouts to get the most use out of their Cub Scout uniform. The Arrow of Light rank is designed to prepare a Cub Scout to join Scouts BSA making it the best time to convert into a tan Scouts BSA uniform. This also allows a family to get the most out of the tan Scouts BSA uniform. Q: When should a Cub Scout purchase a tan Scouts BSA uniform?  A: When to convert to a Scouts BSA uniform is ultimately the decision of the family. It is recommended that a Cub Scout convert to a Scouts BSA uniform when they have either earned their Webelos badge of rank or when they complete the 4th grade and are now an Arrow of Light Scout. Another factor is any growth spurt during this stage of development. If a Cub Scout is in 4th grade and has outgrown their blue uniform it is perfectly acceptable for them to transition into a Scouts BSA uniform when purchasing a new uniform.




At:  Baiting Hollow Scout Camp


Starting at 7:30 p.m.



Placement Date: Saturday, May 25th at 9:30 a.m.

Retrieval Date: Saturday, June 1st at 9:30 a.m.

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Roundtable for the Benjamin Tallmadge District is, usually, the 2nd Thursday of the month starting at 7:30 p.m.

The next Roundtable is scheduled for Thursday, March 14th at the Baiting Hollow Scout Camp.

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